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Updated: Aug 1, 2019

I was born in the Philippines, raised in Chicago for 18 years, went to college & lived in Houston for 11 years, and currently reside in San Antonio, Texas. Moving has given me perspective.

At the age of 18, I moved to Houston for a new chapter in my life. I worked in different industries including tech, retail, hospitality, tax consulting, and restaurant. After I graduated college, I moved to San Antonio for a new career. During this transition, I realized I was tired of living paycheck to paycheck. I decided to make a change and find different ways to save money.

I currently use apps, thrifting, and couponing combined with selling on e-commerce to help my debt free journey. I use my years of experience working in different industries to help me source for key items to sell online. I love to thrift to help save money and to help the mission of sustainable fashion.

Follow my journey to see how I combine my love of good deals with e-commerce sales to help my debt free journey.

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