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Filipino Friday: Artist Virgilio Deonon

1) What is your name or nickname(s) you go by?

My name is Virgilio Deonon but you can call me Vher for short that's my nickname.

2) What type of art do you specialize in?

I'm a graduate of Fine Arts both major in painting and Advertising so I do Traditional Art work like Painting specially my favorite medium are Oil on Canvas.

But also do Graphic Design which is my job before I came here from the Philippines. Photographer, Film maker and Media study which I graduated at Northwest Vista College. In short I do a little bit of everything as creative  person all in one.

3) Since it is Filipino American History Month, how do you incorporate Filipino culture in your work?

I want to incorporate our culture through my Arts and Creations by showing the Traditions and way of living of our ancestor from the past and to the new generation of today. Also to create awareness to our society.

4) For those who are unfamiliar with Filipino culture, what Filipino artists do you recommend people learn more about?

I highly recommend one or two of our well known artist in the Philippines. Fernando Amorsolo who show the Culture and Tradition of the Filipino, and Juan Luna one of our national hero who show his patriotism during the Spanish occupation through his Arts.

5) What advice do you have for people who want to become an artist?

For the those who want to be an artist just keep doing what you love and keep creating. Do not afraid show your emotion and opinion through you arts. Whatever you end up in life or kind of career you have just keep the creativity and imaginations flowing specially now in our Darkest Time. Remember Appreciation is follow with compensation.

6) Of all the pieces you created, which one is your favorite and why?

Well of course the one with Bamboo Weavers that's my Master Piece entry to the National Arts Competition in the Philippines which I won one of the major prices.

7) What are your social media platforms where people can follow your journey?

8) What do you want people to take away from following your journey?

My journey Is not that easy I went through a lot of pain, frustration, depression and ups and down just to keep my love and passion for my art. A lot criticism, doubt about my abilities and my skills. There are times I want to give up and forget about it, But this the chosen path I pick and I'm happy with it. My skills is a gift from God so I will use it to help and for a good cause. It's in my vein I was born as an Artist and I will die as an artist.

9) How can people buy your pieces or book your services?

Just message me on Fb messenger or you can contact me at

10) Is there anything you would like to add?

I just want to say thank you very much for all the support I'm getting not only in the Philippines or the US but around the world. I appreciate it a lot!

Just keep the high hope! "Do What You Love and Love What You Do" God Bless stay safe and healthy.

Final Thoughts From Shenel

I met Vher through the Filipinos of San Antonio Facebook group. I have been watching his journey for the past few years. We finally met in person for this interview where I was able to learn his story and the difficulties he had to overcome when immigrating from the Philippines. He is trying to be the bridge for other Filipino immigrants when it comes to assimilating to life in the United States. There are things we take for granted here such as knowing how to ride the bus, knowing how to apply for a driver's license, and other topics. It was nice to hear Vher's stories and all of the work he put in to challenge his artistic ability. Whether it's through painting, graphic design, video editing, or podcasting, Vher has found a way to identify his talents and make them grow. Make sure to follow him on social media and reach out to see what art or freelance services he has available.

(Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are that of the owner. Any purchases made are between Vher and the buyer. No commission is made from featuring this artist on my blog).

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