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Saving Our Stories: Women Crushing It Wednesday

Meet Alyssia Aguilar AKA The Lofty Mom

In this new series, I share with you women who are following their dreams and finding ways to positively impact their community. Today I want to introduce you to the graphic designer who did my SaveSellShenel logo, my Glitter & Associates logo for my Poshmark closet, and my cartoon for Pancreatic Cancer Advocacy Week.

1) What is your name or nickname that you go by?

Alyssia Aguilar AKA The Lofty Mom

2) Why did you create your business?

The Lofty Mom was actually created as a “mom blog” but soon turned into an outlet to share my story of our son's passing in 2017. During that time I felt very chaotic when it came to my emotions. Art had always been a way for me to “relax” and “de-stress” and so I truly used that to occupy my mind with creativity instead of guilt or grief. I allowed myself to cope by using art and it gave me a path to create an opportunity. I have been blessed to be able to grow "The Lofty Mom Art" as a small graphic design business which specializes in my clients and offers a range of services to help them bring their ideas to life! 

3) How does your business impact the community?

My way of giving back has always been within my means, so art comes naturally. I have donated countless small art pieces to the NICU department where our twins were. I created the art to give to parents who were also dealing with the uncertainties of day to day, and hoped that it would bring a smile to their face. I also reached out to Sepsis Alliance, because our son had passed away from sepsis at 16 days old. We had never heard of it and so we chose to connect and share his story but also learn about sepsis. I was so willing to also donate my services to them to create a new character named “Bug”. My art was always donated in my son's honor, and yet had meaning for us to keep his name and story alive. I have also used my art to help shed light on current events, and help show my support in the voice of ART.

4) What kind of experience can a person expect when they reach out to you?

Every client that works with me is always offered unlimited revisions. This is purposely done because I want a “stress-free” environment not just for them but me as the creative! I want every design to be freely created by us, and not have the pressure of limits and constraints. So I try to be very open and communicate effectively to ensure we are truly bringing your vision to life!

5) What kind of products or services do you provide? 

I am a graphic designer / Illustration artist! My services are endless because you can use a graphic for so many things, and not just business related! I have done bridal portraits, family pets, cards, t-shirt designs, hand drawn pieces, custom art on shoes, branding graphics, business cards, social media content, and just so much more! I try to stay true to the needs of any business, and always try to listen first before giving my creative input.

6) What is your favorite product or service and why?

I love to do just art graphics. Normally a single design is when the client wants to use for branding or merchandise. So I love to connect to the client, and really see what they want in the meaning of the art. That way when I do start designing, it shows more than just an image but has meaning, and details that showcase so much more.

7) How can people reach out to you if they would like to purchase your product or service?

Email or Instagram is the best way!  @theloftymomart via Instagram

8) What are your social media platforms that people can follow your journey?

@theloftymomart via instagram  Like my page on Facebook The Lofty Mom

9) What do you want your customers to take away from your product or service?

When a client comes to me, it truly is an investment. I want them to feel 100% satisfied with that investment and experience. For a logo design to a bridal portrait..both have huge meanings and I want both and all in between to be thrilled with the final designs and excited to showcase them!

10) Is there anything you would like to add?

My background is all fashion design and I actually went to school and got my degree in fashion design and merchandising. I was always very career driven and worked my way to working in fashion in NYC, doing all the events and fashion shows. To then growing myself in retail management and working my way up. After settling down and having children it did pull me back and made me stay home and become a mom, BUT it gave me purpose. Motherhood has truly changed my life, heart, and passions. My husband has given me such a new outlook on life and then when we had kids it truly made me so selfless. Everything we have been through as parents have been challenging and not so easy, but we never gave up. I never gave up. I knew that my voice would be my son's only voice, and that’s why I chose to connect and do things in his honor. I have been blessed with two girls here on earth, and I hope to inspire them one day. I know for me my small talent of art has been able to grow into a small business and I hope they don’t ever feel like any small talent of theirs can’t be used one day.

Alyssia was a pleasure to work with. Having the ability to have multiple changes took a lot of pressure off especially when I was indecisive when it came to my SaveSellShenel logos. I wanted a font that looked like the number 8 from far away since number 8 is my lucky number and symbolizes wealth, fortune, or prosperity. I wanted the 8's to represent my birthday month and my birth year while at the same time mean triple the luck or good fortune.

When it came to my Glitter & Associates logos, she captured exactly what I envisioned for my brand. Little edits were made to the original drafts.

When it came to my Pancreatic Cancer Advocacy week cartoon, she nailed it on the first try.

Alyssia was very professional and listened to what I wanted. I never felt pressured to settle for what was already created. Make sure you follow this amazing's woman's journey on or

(Note: This is not a sponsored post. The logos were purchased with my own funds. All opinions are that of the owner. Any purchases made are between Alyssia AKA The Lofty Mom and the buyer. No commission is made from featuring this business on my blog).

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