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Saving Our Stories: Women Crushing It Wednesday 7.1.2020

When COVID-19 drastically changed our lives earlier this year, Zanade Mann of The Grand Reset Facebook group reached out to me to see if I could share tips on how to reset our finances during COVID-19. When she interviewed me, it was as though I knew her for years. You can tell this woman has energy and passion for getting the most out of life and wants to share her knowledge with others. She was so welcoming and had good questions to ask. Learn more about this amazing woman by reading the interview below.

1) What is your name or nickname that you go by?


2) Why did you create The Grand Reset?

There was a growing need to provide a platform for people who were suffering from the financial and emotional effects of COVID-19 and the pandemic. People needed a space to vent and a space to remain hopeful; that's what The Grand Reset is all about; hopeful leadership. 3) What kind of experience can a person expect when they join your Facebook group?

They can expect to receive information and resources pertaining to entrepreneurism, career growth, personal accountability, and a few laughs filled with a supportive group of people seeking change. 

4) Aside from The Grand Reset group, do you own any other business or sell products or services you would like to share?

Yes, I am the Managing Director of a wonderful and resourceful new database platform called The Black Women's Business Collective. The gathering of Black women owned businesses will allow the media and new consumers to discover local and regional businesses by industry in order to make the commerce more equitable and diverse.  5) What kind of products or services do you provide?

The Black Women's Business Collective offers ad placements for small business owners. The Grand Reset provides digital products for new entrepreneurs and career changers.   6) What is your favorite product or service and why?

My favorite product/service is The Black Women's Business Collective because I have an opportunity to help market small business owners who typically wouldn't receive this level of support. I am also excited about the opportunities to partner with other businesses and organizations who are open to working with Black women looking for services, products, and resources. It's a win/win situation. 

Click to Visit

7) How can people reach out to you if they would like to purchase your product or service?

People should check out and also follow The Grand Reset on Facebook. The Black Women Business Collective is currently in Phase 1 and launches in July. Be on the lookout for updates on The Grand Reset website and Facebook group.  8) What are your social media platforms that people can follow your journey?

I can be found on all major social media platforms @zanade   9) What do you want your customers to take away from your product or service?

I want women to know that they have the power to control their destiny and that there are people like myself willing to help them. I want Black women to know that I see them and I see their efforts and I want them to keep going, keep asking questions, keep being brilliant, and keep your head held high!

Final Thoughts from Shenel

Zanade is an amazing woman. Not only does she have a day job, but she also has children, has a husband who is deployed, and still finds time to run The Grand Reset Facebook group and The Black Woman Business Collective. Can you say superwoman? I encourage you to join The Grand Reset Facebook group to help grow your network and subscribe to her youtube channel to learn more ways to reset your life. Watch our interview by clicking the link below.

(Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are that of the owner. Any purchases made are between Zanade and the buyer. No commission is made from featuring this business on my blog).

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