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Small Business Saturday: T-SHIRT BOSS

1) What is your name(s) or nickname(s) that you go by?

Jenny & Rudy Velasquez 

2) Why did you create T-shirt Boss?

My husband is retired through the Army and unfortunately suffers from PTSD. He started creating stuff as a hobby to keep his mind occupied and to use it as a form of therapy. We started working together and he designs it while I create it! It brings us together and gives us time to reconnect or talk. 

3) How long have you been in business?

It’s been around for a year but we just started getting active with it once Covid hit. We wanted a way to keep people safe by designing custom comfort fitting masks with their own personalization. 

4) What kind of experience can a new customer expect when buying from you?

They will experience our care and concern while working together to create the mask you envision. All while getting as quick of a turn around as possible. 

5) What kind of products and services do you provide?

Right now we are mostly putting out masks, but we also offer hats, mats as well as shirts. 

6) What is your favorite product to sell and why?

Masks! People are definitely struggling with the new mask mandate so this at least allows people to show their individuality and personality. Some are funny and spread cheer to others who see it, some are scary, and some just make people feel secure. At such an uneasy and scary time, it’s great to provide people with a bit of security. 

7) How can people buy from you?

They can join our Facebook group TSHIRTBOSS

8) What are your social media platforms where people can follow your journey?

9) What do you want your customers to take away from following your journey or buying your product(s)?

That we’re all in this together. We want to see you happy, comfortable, and confident.  

10) Is there anything that you would like to add?

We appreciate everyone supporting such a small business when times are so uncertain. We appreciate even more so the trust you instill in us with every order you place.


Jenny & Rudy 

Final thoughts from Shenel

If you've been following my journey on Instagram, you know that I've been growing my mask collection and wanted to find a company that could create a mask with my logo on it. I was looking for weeks and I didn't find a company that fit what I was looking for. A lot of companies looked sketchy and I wasn't sure about the quality. I released my thought into the universe and one day my co-worker told me about T-shirt Boss. I was excited about the customization and the price. I was even more eager to support them because they are a veteran owned, small business, in the USA that listens to you and makes your vision come to life. What more could you ask for?

I sent Jenny a picture of my logo and they were able to get it exactly how I wanted it. Now I can be safe and also start conversations about my Save Sell Shenel platform. Make sure you check out the creative masks on their Facebook page.

(Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are that of the owner. I purchased the face masks with my own funds. Any purchases made are between Jenny and Rudy AKA T-shirt Boss and the buyer. No commission is made from featuring this business on my blog).

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