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Thrift Tips Thursday 10.10.19 | Shopping at Thrift City While Hosting a Posh N Sip

Combined my Love of Thrifting with my Love of Poshmark

This week I want to share with you my experience shopping at Thrift City. This experience is different from my past thrift shopping experiences because I decided to combine my love of thrift shopping with networking with fellow Poshmark sellers.

On September 28th, I hosted my 2nd Posh N Sip event. If you don't know what a Posh N Sip event is, it is where buyers and sellers of the Poshmark app (a fashion and home goods app) meet together to network and share Poshmark tips. This would be my first budget-friendly networking event. It started with coffee at Starbucks then thrifting at Thrift City.

Since I collaborated with Thrift City in the past for my Great Day San Antonio segment, I thought I would reach out again to see if they could do anything for a large group of thrifters. I had the courage to reach out via Instagram and they were generous enough to provide my group with an additional 20% off their purchase in addition to in-store promotions.

Thrift City Kids Sale

That day they had 50% off blue tags and $.99 kids clothes with tags $3.99 and under. Our 20% off group discount was combinable with these discounts. Talk about a good deal!

Being the good hostess, I didn't have much time to focus on thrifting but rather walked around the store getting to know my fellow thrifters and Poshmark sellers. My goal that day was to see what I could find for myself and stay under a $30 budget. This time around I was shopping for a work event I needed to go to the following week.

Poshmark Sellers @plethorafashn & @tarinitupposh

Poshmark Sellers @pinkloft & @thespottedowl

Shopping with @plethorafashn & @capsule_queen

Sharing a Thrift Find

I stayed at the thrift store for about 2 hours. I could have stayed longer but my husband was asking where I was. Although I didn't get a chance to look through all the aisles, I was still able to get a few key pieces that caught my eye and were good for my budget.

This Top is for my Niece

This vintage vest was the perfect gift for my niece who is going to nursing school. It was only $3 and I got 20% off the tag.

I Bought These Pants for Myself

These pink JCPenny pants were my style and for only $2.99 plus 50% off then an additional 20% off, I had to take these home.

I Bought These Pants to Resell

I bought these Ralph Lauren pants because they were $3 plus 20% off and a size 18W. Any plus size women's clothing always sells well for me.

I Bought This Blazer to Resell

The details on this St. John blazer caught my eye while I was talking to two Poshmark sellers. You know me, I love anything with glitter or gold. I had to investigate what this blazer was made of. The black velvet collar along with the red and gold details reminded me of the holidays. After carefully looking at it, I realized it was a beautiful St. John blazer. It was priced at $9.99 and I got an additional 20% off.

I Bought this Sweater for Me

I bought this sweater for myself because I loved the buttons and leopard print details.

I Bought this Madewell Dress for me

I bought this Madewell dress to wear for a career fair and to resell afterward.

If you want a more visual depiction of my Thrift City experience, click the image below for to watch the video now.

I spent around $26 for everything. Yes, that is more than what I normally spend when thrifting but the quality of items was what I was looking for. I'm sure if I had more time to go through every aisle I would have found more.

If you have never been to Thrift City, I would say to allocate time to go through the sections you want to shop. The store is big and you can stay there open to close looking at everything. This is a thrift store that is family-friendly. They have clothes from babies to people in their 90's. They also have home goods, toys, and craft items. My strategy is to usually go to the shoes or blazers then check out the men's T-shirts. They usually have unique or vintage T-shirts in the men's section.

Another saving tip is to join their rewards program. You get a card similar to a gift card that keeps track of your points. You earn points that can be redeemed for future purchases.

Overall, Thrift City is one of my go-to thrift stores. I'm not saying this because I have collaborated with them in the past (also this is not a sponsored blog post). I'm saying this because I've shopped there multiple times and they are constantly running sales. Their inventory is well organized, is good quality, and usually reasonably priced.

I hope you stop by one if there's one in your area. Click the link to find one near you:

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