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Thrift Tips Thursday 9.26.19 | Is Goodfellas Worth Going to?

6330 De Zavala Road Suite 115 78249

I went to Goodfellas Resale two weeks ago. (I didn't get a chance to write this blog post last week because I got really busy getting ready for my staycation in Austin.) Let's just say I've wanted to go to Goodfellas for a while now because of all the positive things I saw on social media but not only that, their original location was about a mile away from my home.

After my morning coffee, I decided to head over to their new location to see if there was anything I could get for $10. I was doubtful because I knew they had more higher-end brands and it was a consignment store rather than a thrift store.

I went in and noticed that it was much smaller than I expected it to be. If I could compare it to a thrift store, I would say it is half the size of Revolution Thrift. To my left were men's clothing, in the middle were women's clothing, and to my right were high-end items such as Gucci and Chanel. The women's items had shoes, workout clothes, work attire, and purses.

I started to look around and realized the prices were more reseller prices (which is understandable) than thrift store prices.

After looking around for 10 minutes I noticed some items that I wanted didn't have tags. I finally had the courage to ask the person working how much the unmarked T-shirts were. He told me "All clothing is $1.99 because I haven't put out the fall items." I was shocked and actually embarrassed for not following my own advice that I shared on my Great Day San Antonio morning segment which is to ask if there are any promotions when walking in the store. Instead of spending 10 minutes going through every item and wondering if I could afford it, the $1.99 price point changed my perspective. Now I could focus on the style rather than the tag.

There were so many items marked for $15 to $40 that I wanted but couldn't afford with my $10 budget. Luckily the $1.99 price point helped me out. After looking around the store three times, I finally decided on 8 items. My total ended up being $20. After checking out, I made small talk with the owner and learned so much about San Antonio.

I loved that the owner put my items on hangers and covered them in a plastic bag.

My Purchase Protected in Plastic

The items below are what I purchased:

Vintage Suit Marked for $49.99

Vintage Pants with Santa Hidden

100% Silk Escada Vest

Men's Orvis Polo

Men's Orvis Long Sleeve Shirt

M&M's World Las Vegas Shirt

The Black Dahlia Murder T-shirt

100% Linen J.Crew Shirt

I bought some items for myself and some for resale. Overall I was happy with what I bought. Yes, I went over budget 2 weeks in a row but I really liked what I got.

Would I go back to Goodfellas? Yes. If you are shopping for high-end items at reasonable prices, this is where you go. There was a pair of nice Gucci sneakers and some Louis Vuitton bags that I loved. Obviously not in the budget with my $10 or $20 limited, but the prices were good for a future purchase.

Goodfellas is good for selling or consigning clothes or accessories if you're looking to get more money compared to selling your clothes at Plato's Closet or Uptown Cheapskate. If you're not following them on Facebook or Instagram you should so you can be updated with their new high-end items.

I will be back and next time I'll be looking to treat myself to a nice purse.

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