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Thrifting in San Antonio

It was fun thrift shopping with my fellow San Antonio thrifters/Poshmark sellers/models for my Great Day SA segment. Learn more about my models and what their thrifting tips are.

1. Hydrate! Thrifting can be a workout sometimes. And in this South Texas heat, some stores are really warm. Have a snack before too.

2. Check the sections you normally wouldn't. Some of my favorite pieces ever were found far from where they should have been.

3. Triple check everything. Seams, zippers zipping, all buttons intact. Look for spots where you drop food yourself: lap, sleeve cuff, cleavage. Take your time. It'll be worth it. Happy Hunting!

Summer Outfit Model Katherine. IG & Poshmark Closet @hangerhoney

1. Always look over what you're about to buy before checking out. Look for stains and tears in fabric. Also, take time to look up comps and if it's worth picking up.

2. Go to thrift stores early in the week during opening hours. That is when new items are stocked.

3. Make a relationship with thrift store employees. Let them know the brands you're excited about finding. They might show you something you didn't notice yet or if they're about to put something from that brand on the floor.

4. Take a few hours to go through every item in the store. You never know what you will find tucked in the back of the clothing rack.

5. Check pockets! You might find money.

6. Be careful when buying shoes. Make sure to test soles for dry rot that can be undetected until you wear them.

1. Have a lot of patience to look for the correct items that fit your closet on Poshmark!

2. Some days will be more discouraging than others when the sales are down, but there are also days that are amazing in sales so don't let lat discourage your from quitting!

3. When thrifting definitely go on those sale days to get the most out of each sale and to find some amazing deals!

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