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Tips Tuesday: Why I Wear A Mask

As cases of COVID-19 continue to skyrocket, I wanted to share why I wear a mask and why I've been pro-mask before it was even necessary.

If you watched my Shenel's Journey Home Series on my channel, you'll know that I wore a mask while traveling from San Antonio to Chicago, Chicago to Japan, Japan to Manila and back again. I wore a mask because when I used to travel from Texas to Chicago without a mask or a scarf around my face I would always get sick. I decided to wear a mask or a scarf to see if it would prevent me from getting sick. For the first time in years, I did not get sick and I did not get my family sick. Ever since that lesson, I have been wearing a mask whenever I travel. Who wants to get excited about a trip only to end up getting sick and sleeping the whole time? I no longer miss out on my family gatherings due to simply wearing a mask during flights or traveling.

Mask from MaskClub

Let's fast forward to today. I decided to wear masks more often as COVID-19 cases started to go up in Texas. I realized that by wearing a mask, it is a small gesture to protect myself and others. It also shows that I love my neighbor as I love myself. I started wearing masks as soon as the people I knew started to lose loved ones to COVID-19. So far 20+ people in my network have lost a family member to COVID-19 or had family members who were hospitalized. These people were mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, and nurses. As this virus continues to spread, the least I can do is wear a mask, social distance, and wash my hands as much as possible. If not for me, at least for the health care workers who have been overworked for the past months begging us to stay home and wear masks until we have a vaccine. I've had multiple friends who are doctors or nurses who have worked so much until they got sick themselves. We have to think about our healthcare system. Our healthcare workers are human too. They cannot be run into the ground until we have no more healthcare workers left. By flattening the curve, we can all benefit.

Aside from wearing a mask to help protect myself and others, I've had additional benefits. I noticed that by wearing a mask every day, I no longer need to take allergy medication. You may think I changed my diet during quarantine but I did not. Here's my new daily routine:

1) I get ready for work and do not put makeup on. I save money by not wearing makeup.

2) I get a clean mask and put it in a makeup bag dedicated to face masks. The bag gets sprayed at the end of each day. I'll spray some calming scent like lavender on the mask to help me stay calm throughout the day.

3) I drive to work.

4) Before I go into work, I put my face mask on in the car.

5) I wear the mask all day until I drive back home from work. The only exception is when I sit in my car during my lunch break.

6) I take the mask off, put it in my makeup bag, and take the mask out of the bag when I get home where I immediately put it in my dirty laundry.

I wear glasses so one of the ways that I try not to have my glasses fog while I'm wearing my mask is to make sure the top tightly covers the top of my nose then I put my glasses on top of the mask. I also make sure the bottom of the mask is below my chin. By wearing my mask for at least 8 hours a day while I am in an office, people noticed that my skin was much clearer. The only thing I could think of was the fact that the steam from my mask helps moisturize parts of my face that are normally dry. It's similar to when you go to a spa and they have a steam machine near your face while giving you a facial. Keep in mind that I wear a clean mask every day. You may not have the same result if you are reusing masks.

Another benefit of wearing masks is not having people constantly tell me I need to smile more even though I'm happy inside. They would always tell me, "Smile, Shenel." It would be so frustrating because that's just what my face looks like when it's resting. Now I don't have to have that awkward conversation.

My Mask Collection

Another benefit of wearing a mask is that they can be stylish and make a statement. Depending on the fabric of your mask, you can say something kind or support your favorite sports team, or encourage people to vote. Masks are a small way to be fashionable and safe. When I was interviewed on The Grand Reset weeks ago, I told people that sewing masks were one of the side hustles where people could really thrive if they knew what they were doing. It has been so amazing seeing so many people use their sewing skills to create another stream of income. I tend to buy masks from local sellers or people who are supporting front line workers. The mask you see me wearing in the first picture was purchased from When you buy a mask from them, they will donate a medical-grade mask to front line workers. I encourage you to either make your own masks, support local businesses, or support businesses who are helping our front line workers. Just like my Hello Kitty unicorn mask, I want you to be a unicorn in a field of horses. Show love for your fellow neighbors by wearing a mask. Click the link below to learn how to properly wear a mask.

(Note: This is not a sponsored post. I purchased the mask that I am wearing with my own funds. I do not receive a commission for mentioning All opinions are genuinely my own.)

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