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Women Crushing It Wednesday: F. Renee Hamilton

1) What is your name(s) or nickname(s) that you go by?

Fallon Hamilton, F. Renee, or Fal 

2) What is your professional background?

I am a licensed attorney.

3) What industry do you work in now?

I currently work in the non-profit sector providing free civil legal services to individuals living at or below the federal poverty guidelines. 

I am a published author, and entrepreneur who makes products centered around promoting literacy. 

I also recently co-founded an organization called A Tribe Called Manifest that provides a safe space for Black and Latinx women to connect spiritually and holistically.

4) What challenges have you had to overcome within your industry?

In the nonprofit world people take for granted the services we provide, but I feel like I am able to truly make a difference in the lives of my clients everyday. Being an attorney is also still a very male dominated industry, so I constantly have to prove I am capable to zealously advocate for my clients to people who sometimes do not take me seriously due to the fact that I am a black woman.

5) What advice would you give young women who are interested in going into your industry?

Develop a tough skin. I am subject to criticism in every aspect of my career, whether it is what I write, or how I represent a client. You have to be tenacious and confident in your work product at all times. Read, read and then read some more. Reading prepared me to be an attorney as well as an author. I would not have gone as far in life without my love for reading.

6) In addition to being a lawyer, you're also a writer. What inspired you to become a writer?

I've had a fascination with words since I was a little girl. I always loved reading as many books as I could, and writing poetry. Life aligned with destiny and I was able to publish a collection of my poetry and then go on to contribute my writing to an anthology.

7) How can people reach out to you to purchase your product or service?

My website is

I will give your readers a sneak peak of my current project called LiteraryAlchemy. I plan to launch my online shop later this summer! 

8) What are your social media platforms where people can follow your journey?

IG- @notorious_fal

IG- @atribecalled_manifest

IG- @alchemy.lit 

9) What do you want your customers to take away from following your journey or buying your product(s)?

I want to inspire creativity, healing and the desire to truly value self-care. I want my words to provide comfort, and my products to allow everyone to experience literary alchemy!

10) Is there anything that you would like to add?

Yes, make sure you find time to read for pleasure, even if for only twenty minutes a day.

Final Thoughts from Shenel

I waited to save this Women Crushing It Wednesday post for my birthday week because Fallon means so much to me.

I've known Fallon for almost 13 years. She and I met while working retail. She was my role model because she was in law school, interning, working retail, and still found time to have a social life on the weekends. Talk about a woman who had time management skills and ambition. Whenever I had doubts about my own journey, I would watch Fallon's journey and see a woman who manifested her dreams and worked towards making them a reality. She's an example of a woman who does NOT put herself in a box. She could have told herself that she's a lawyer and that's good enough but she wanted more. She knew her soul and talents where far greater than just practicing law. Her soul and talent shine through her writing. Being a woman who understands the power of branding and e-commerce, she diversified her brand through merchandise and speaking engagements. She is someone you should watch and learn from. I am so honored to say that I know her, watched her grow, and as a result, was able to find my own purpose. Yes, we are women AND we are more than the traditional roles that society expects us to play. WE are writers, lawyers, entrepreneurs, teachers, women in construction, women changing society, and so much more. Please follow her journey on Instagram or Facebook. I'm always in awe of her next big move.

Fallon Signing My Copy of An Ode

(Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are that of the owner. Any purchases made are between Fallon and the buyer. No commission is made from featuring this business on my blog).

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