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Small Business Saturday: Feliz Modern

1) What is your name(s) or nickname(s) that you go by?

Ginger Diaz

2) Why did you create Feliz Modern?

We wanted to make it easier to find local makers and artists in SA, and add more color and fun to our city.

3) How long have you been in business?

Almost 3 years

4) What kind of experience can a new customer expect when buying from you?

We pride ourselves on treating everyone well and being very welcoming. We have the best employees who love helping people.

5) What kind of products and services do you provide?

We love to show a curated mix of local and international items that work for gifts or for yourself :-)

6) What is your favorite product to sell and why?

Definitely our local art and the items our local makers make. We also love designing our own products that we sell in the shop.

7) How can people buy from you?

In our two brick & mortar shops (one in Olmos Park, the other in the Pearl), and online at

8) What are your social media platforms where people can follow your journey?

9) What do you want your customers to take away from following your journey or buying your product(s)?

To celebrate their lives and the people in them.

10) Is there anything that you would like to add?

Thanks for supporting small businesses all year, but especially during this time!

Final Thoughts From Shenel

I started following Modern Feliz earlier this year because their colorful feed caught my eye. The products they sell embody the characteristics of San Antonio. I highly recommend visiting their shop for the full experience or shop their website to help small business.

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