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Thrift Tips Thursday. Is Boysville Worth Going to?

Outside Boysville During Labor Day Weekend

For this week's Thrift Tips Thursday, I want to showcase Boysville Auxiliary Thrift Store. Established in 1943, Boysville is a not for-profit 501c(3) organization providing a safe family environment for children in need. It was voted as the second best thrift store in San Antonio by San Antonio Current and the number 1 thrift store by KSAT. You can read more more about the San Antonio current article here:

Boysville Instagram Ad for Labor Day Weekend

I was interested to learn what promotions they had in-store because they did not post them on social media unlike other thrift stores. This strategy forces you go to the store before deciding on whether or not to go.

With my $10 in hand, my husband and I went to Boysville for the first time since they remodeled. Prior to the remodel, my impression of the store was a one-stop-shop for clothing to furniture and vintage items. I saw posts on Facebook and Instagram of their remodel but never had a chance to go to see what all the hype was about.

I immediately noticed a change once the entrance moved to a different location. It was a good decision because the previous entrance had stairs with no way for handicapped individuals to easily go in-and-out of the store. The new entrance opened up at the street level and allowed for wheel chairs to easily navigate the store.

Labor Day Promotions at Entrance

They kept their sign and their promotion easel the same which helped remind me of my past experiences. I Ioved that they had carts to help make it easier to shop.

The prices and brands were not what I was accustomed to. It could have been because it was Labor Day weekend and all the good brands were taken. Most of the items were mall brands or unknowns. I did not find any high-end brands for reasonable prices this time. Here is a small tour of the store:

Home Decor

Furniture & Glassware

Sporting Equipment


I noticed that their furniture section was greatly reduced with the remodel. They tried to use the space to sell more clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Vintage Beauty & the Beast Game

My husband and I always love going to Boysville to shop for vintage toys. This Beauty and the Beast disk game brought back so many memories. I was so tempted to buy it but realized I didn't have a way to play it so I left it behind.

The Game Was in Excellent Condition

Star Wars Game

Thrift tip: always move things around and check the back of shelves. There is usually not enough space to store all the items in the thrift store so you have to "dig" to find your hidden gem. This tip is really important when searching the toy area.

Example of Women's Shoe Prices

The brands and prices for shoes were not something I was interested in. I looked at the women's shoes and clothing trying to take advantage of the Labor Day sale but couldn't find anything.

1 of 2 Items I Bought

I was able to find a 2,000 piece puzzle for myself which I decided to buy.

I Bought This Unique Shirt to Add to the Collection

I found this unique men's T-shirt which put me a little bit over my $10 limit. After taking one more look around the store to see if there was anything else I liked, I decided to check out. The cashier was nice enough to ask if I had a teacher or student discount to save an additional 10%. Unfortunately, hubby didn't bring his I.D. so I paid regular price for everything. I asked if they still had their rewards program and the cashier confirmed they did. You would receive a stamp for every $25 you spent in the store.

Here are some of my final thoughts for the new Boysville:

The layout was good and easy to shop which was the opposite of my experience at Thrift City. You can tell the team at Boysville put in a lot of time and effort into merchandising the items for maximum price and exposure.

The selection was not that great compared to my past experiences. That's not to say that they weren't wiped out because of the Labor Day weekend. I will definitely go back to see what other items they may have.

If you are into vintage toys, glassware, or clothing this is a good store to shop at for unique items.

If you are a reseller, this may not be the best thrift store to source.

Overall, I think Boysville has something for everyone. You will have to take the time to find your hidden gem.

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